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How it works


We are committed to providing every customer with transparency, community, and unparalleled service. Please email if you have questions that are not covered by this FAQ!

How do you clean your products?

Every toy undergoes a 10 point inspection, inclusive but not limited to, checking for loose parts, cosmetic imperfections, irregularities, worn paint, and manufacturer recalls. All toys are cleaned extensively with Force of Nature cleaner, a non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner, disinfectant & deodorizer that is EPA registered and kills 99.9% of germs.

How does membership work?

We offer a monthly subscription starting at $35/month for new and pre-loved toys or $45/mo for new toys. This includes free shipping or doorstep delivery/pickup both ways to allow you to swap toys every two months. If your kiddo loves a toy in the play kit, then you can save 5 to 15% off the retail price to keep it. Your membership can be canceled at any time and additional discounts are available if you purchase 6 or 12 month memberships vs month to month.

Can I send you our other outgrown toys?

Absolutely! One of the reasons we started play it forward was because of the excessive amount of kid and toy clutter we had piling up around our house. When you schedule your play kit return, let us know if you have other outgrown toys you wish to donate and then put it it the same box! We partner with local schools in Maryland and family shelters to donate toys in good used condition. 

How are toys curated?

We have partnered with child development experts ranging from Pediatricians, to toy librarians, to Montessori and Waldorf teachers to developmental psychologists to build a library of the most engaging and educational toys per age and stage. Combined with the power of data, we match our expert picks with AI to select toys your kids will love.

What if I lose or damage a toy?

No worries! We get it, life can be hectic when parenting littles! There are no charges or penalties for lost parts or damage. If you find the piece after you return your toys, just let us know:

How is play it forward promoting sustainable practices?

We are prioritizing partnerships with toy brands that are eco-conscious. A majority of our toy library is made of wooden toys and toys made of recyclable plastic. And most importantly, the more we can re-use toys, the more toys we keep out of landfills. 

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