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10 Educational and Fun Toys for 2 Year Olds

As your child grows and develops, it's important to provide them with toys that not only entertain but also stimulate their learning and development. If you're looking for the best toys for your 2 year old, we've compiled a list of our top 10 picks that are both educational and fun. From building blocks to musical instruments, there's something for every little one on this list. These are the top toys as rated from our [play it forward] parents of 2 year olds!

Shape Sorter Cube

A shape sorter cube is a classic toy that helps toddlers develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The cube typically has holes in different shapes, and the child must match the corresponding shape of the block to the correct hole. This toy also helps with color recognition and problem-solving skills. Look for a cube with bright colors and sturdy construction for hours of fun and learning.

  1. Plan Toys - Sorting Bus

  2. HABA - Favorite Animals Sorting Box

Wooden Blocks and Nesting Blocks

Wooden blocks are a timeless toy that never goes out of style. They are perfect for 2 year olds because they are easy to grip and manipulate, and they encourage creativity and imagination. Children can stack them, build towers, and knock them down, all while developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Look for blocks with different shapes, sizes, and colors to keep your child engaged and learning.

3. Wee Gallery - Nesting Blocks

4. Lovevery - Block Set

Musical Instruments

Introducing your 2 year old to music can be a fun and educational experience. Musical instruments like xylophones, drums, and shakers can help develop their sense of rhythm and coordination. Look for instruments that are specifically designed for young children, with bright colors and easy-to-grip handles. Encourage your child to experiment with different sounds and rhythms, and make music together as a family.

5. HABA Symphony Croc

6. Hape and Baby Einstein Magical Touch Piano

7. Speedy Monkey - Xylo Bench

Play Kitchens

A play kitchen is a great toy for 2 year olds who love to imitate adults and explore their creativity. Look for a play kitchen with realistic features like a sink, stove, and oven, as well as accessories like pots, pans, and utensils. This toy can help develop your child's imagination, social skills, and hand-eye coordination as they pretend to cook and serve meals. Plus, it's a fun way to introduce healthy eating habits and teach basic kitchen skills.

8. Speedy Monkey Table Kitchen- love how compact and portable this one is!

9. Plan Toys- Cupcake Set


Puzzles and shape sorters are great toys for 2 year olds to develop their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Look for puzzles with large, easy-to-grasp pieces and simple designs, such as animals or vehicles.

10.Wee Gallery - Wooden Tray Puzzle - Woodland Animals

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