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Unlike traditional building blocks, every block is a polyhedron, each different in size, color and weight, making stacking game more challenging so that kids can complete the building process in a whole new way.


The stone blocks have many flat cut surfaces so the stones can be stacked and kids can stack different shapes of stones to the highest. Unlike regular building blocks, this wooden stone balancing and stacking game is a better way to stimulate a child's sense of challenge and develop their hands-on skills, promote creativity, resilience and persistence and to strengthen fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, color recognition and thus training logical thinking.


Challenge your kiddo to see how tall they can stack their 'buildings' before they fall down (or watch them laugh as they knock it over Godzilla style on purpose).


Great for ages 3+.


Number of pieces: 36

BESTAMTOY 36 Piece Wooden Sorting Stacking Rocks Balancing Stones

PriceFrom $26.99
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