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One set of 15 hand illustrated, durable cards of poses and instructions to help you and your little ones reach zen. Details -Premium look & feel. -Ethically and responsibly made.


About Gathre: Co-founders and lifelong friends Jess and Mare became mothers and soon found the familiar struggle of devoting one's life to their mini while balancing time for themselves in their daily lives. They realized that if they wanted to live their lives with the passion and intention they craved, they needed to create a space dedicated to that purpose. That became their ethos, driving them to create their company Gathre: the intention to create a moment in space. This idea became literal with the original Gathre Mat.To them “it was about making the effort to create a moment. Not a blip or a blur or a blink of an eye - a space of time where we could stop and be together.” Since then they have expanded their collection but still keep in mind the principal to make spaces with functionality, while still being beautiful.


Number of pieces: 15 cards plus beautiful storage box

Gathre - Yoga Cards

PriceFrom $28.50
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