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The Little Friends Petting Zoo features a two-story corral for your Little Friend Figures to visit. Includes a Horse, goat and goat kid made of a flexible plastic and scaled to work with all other Little Friends toys. Easily cleaned!


The Little Friends Petting Zoo is a great addition to the animal world of Little Friends.

There is plenty of space in the enclosure for the included animals as it measures 7.5" wide x 8.5" deep x 7" high.

The Little Friends Goat and Little Friends Kid have an innate desire to be up high, so they climb or jump on everything they can. They especially enjoy climbing the ladder to the loft inside the enclosure.

The Little Friends Pony, Twinkle, waits patiently for excited children to visit.

At the Petting Zoo, the animals are well fed, nicely relaxed and of course, pet non-stop!


Number of pieces: 4

HABA USA - Little Friends Petting Zoo

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