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This Montessori Egg Cup helps your baby work on concentration and coordination. From the Lovevery Explorer Play Kit intended for babies 9 to 10 months old.


Lovevery Explorer Set description:

Your baby loves to see the effect they can have on their environment. This Play Kit is designed to experiment with gravity, practice balance, and begin coordinating both sides of their body.

  • Explore cause and effect
  • Practice coordinating & balance
  • Experiment with gravity
  • Build emotional intelligence


Number of pieces: 2


The Lovevery First Puzzle is from the 7 to 8 month Inspector Play Kit. Your little one can start developing fine motor and problem solving skills with this colorful puzzle.


Number of pieces: 2


The Lovevery Pincer Puzzle is from the 11 to 12 month Thinker Kit. The pincer grasp—a coordinated pinch of the thumb and index finger that allows your baby to pick up and hold a small object—is an indication of both cognitive and fine motor development. Your baby is learning how to use their brain and body together to intentionally get what they want. Help support this skill with the Pincer Puzzle from the Lovevery Thinker Play Kit. 


Number of pieces: 2

Lovevery - Montessori Egg Cup, First Puzzle, and Pincer Puzzle

PriceFrom $33.00