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“My Fabulous Storyteller” is an interactive audio player designed especially for children. It can store over 100 hours of audio content for children’s screen-free, offline enjoyment. Lunii’s albums of audio stories and music are designed to keep young listeners actively engaged. For example, children create their own stories by choosing a hero, an object, a location, and more using the big yellow toggle that they simply turn to make their choices. Then a fun and engaging adventure begins! The audio stories also feature interactive albums. They motivate children to participate in the adventure by making choices along the way that determine what happens in the story. This magical little box offers kids endless possibilities to awaken their imagination, develop their vocabulary, learn languages, discover art, or travel the world Families can even record their own stories using the Lunii app, available for Android and iOS, and upload their recordings to their Storyteller. Kids can listen to their favorite stories read by their favorite people any time, even from a distance! The Lunni Storyteller is ight, sturdy, and easy-to-carry companion, it comes with 48 stories + 12 additional free stories to download from the Luniistore, our digital library, with 1000+ stories to purchase. Capacity to store up to 100 albums in a variety of languages. Perfect for long trips with a battery life of over 10 hours of continuous listening. Jack plug for headphones - Check Octave to connect multiple headphones. Rechargeable via USB and compatible with Mac, PC, and Linux. Made in France


Product dimensions: 6.8 x 18.5 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 7 ounces

Best for ages 3-8


Lunii’s Octave headphones are just the right size for little ears, and the limited volume level—up to 85db—makes these headphones safe for young listeners. Made in Lunii’s iconic bright blue and yellow to match the My Fabulous Storyteller, your little listener will be fashionable and comfortable while they create their very own stories. And since every Octave comes with a dual jack plug, you can snuggle up and listen to audiobooks together! When you are done, fold them up for easy storage and travel. Plus, Octave headphones are fully customizable with an adjustable headband and stickers of your favorite Lunii heroes to decorate the ear cups!

Lunii - My Fabulous Storyteller with Headphones

PriceFrom $90.00